Book Blog – FAIL!

Heyyy…so, yeah this didn’t work out so well.

For the most part my lack of blogging is because I rarely spend time on my computer anymore. Most of my internet time is done on my iPhone, and typing on that tiny annoying screen is just not happening so forget blogging by iPhone. No thank you. But to be honest, and here’s the embarrassing part, I didn’t really read much this year. Which is a shame, because I feel better when I read. I feel smarter, and just better. But this past year, for several reasons, has just been a really unmotivated year overall. I did read, but nowhere near as much as I planned to. And yeah I’m pretty ashamed about it.

So I failed at my challenge. And at this blog. But like the stubborn person I am, I’m trying again. I’m probably going to re-challenge myself to read a book a month in 2014 or something simple like. Maybe aim really low and plan to read a book every 3 months, that way if I do better I’ll feel really good about myself. 😉

I could use a little encouragement, inspiration, and maybe some book recommendations.


    • I like a bit of everything really. Lately (if you can call it that, after the admission of not reading much this year at all) I’ve been reading mostly YA and other “easy read” type books. I love dystopian fantasy even though it’s become a kind of overdone genre, I still enjoy it. Fantasy in general tends to capture my attention. I kind of like books set in a different time or world.

      • Meh, I say that’s another thing to not feel bad about. I haven’t been able to find the time to read in……longer than I care to say (which is one of my blogging problems as well).
        Honestly, I don’t give a crap what anyone says about adults reading YA. I love the genre (most of the time).
        Overdone doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It’s all a matter of finding some good ones amid all the junk. (Now I could get into a thing about ‘is any book really junk?’ but that’s probably because I need sleep very badly…)
        I think dystopian and fantasy are so much fun.
        Have you read Graceling?

        Sorry for rambling on your comments! 😀

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