No Book April? Are E-Books Real Books?

I am currently on track to not finishing a single book this entire month.

Let me back up and explain a little here. I most likely will not end up reading any physical books this month. I have however been reading a lot of e-books. But unfortunately for me since my reading challenge this year is based on the total height of all the books I read, I can’t exactly include e-books because there is no physical item to measure.

Sure I could look up the number of pages in each e-book and then find a book on my shelf that has basically the same number of pages and then measure that and add it to my total. I could do that. I’m not going to though. Maybe because it seems like a lot of unnecessary extra work, maybe because somehow I feel like it’s cheating. See I have never really gotten over the idea that e-books are not real books. Which is kind of ridiculous I know.

Logically I understand there is no real difference other than one is a tangible item and the other is basically a…file. But it’s the same thing for the most part. If for example an author publishes a physical book and also the same book as an e-book, are they not still the same story? And as someone who likes to write stories and hopes to someday publish them – very likely on my own as e-books through Amazon’s self publishing service or something similar – shouldn’t I want to consider e-books to be real books?

Trust me, I’m very aware that my “e-books are not real books” stance is at least slightly misguided. And I do acknowledge that there are a ton of benefits to e-books. For one, I can carry several stories around with me everywhere I go, which is pretty awesome…despite the fact that no one is really going anywhere these days. But still, last week I waited in line for half an hour to get into the grocery store and I was thankful for the Kindle app on my phone to help pass the time. Also, e-books are typically a lot less expensive than physical books. Both for the author to publish and for the reader to buy. Which is nice especially for the reader because then if the book happens to be disappointing it’s not quite such a let down if it cost $4 rather than $20.

So, why did I start reading so many e-books this month? Well, first of all I kept seeing ads for stories that sounded…cheesy & raunchy but possibly entertaining, and it occurred to me that these types of stories might be fun to try writing. It’s a genre I’ve never written before so I thought, why not try something new? But first I figured I should do my research and read a few of these types of stories to get a feel for the style, so I did. And then I discovered Amazon Unlimited (not an ad, I promise. Although I swear if I find a way to make it an ad I will advertise the crap outta that cuz I have bills to pay) which is basically like…an e-book library I guess? I don’t fully understand all the details of how it works, I just know I pay something like 10 bucks a month and can read unlimited stories for “free.” So once I had that there was basically no stopping me and I kept reading story after story.

A lot of them were terrible, just chock full of unrealistic characters, situations and dialogue, but some were kind of…ok?  More than anything though they were just really easy reads, other than the fact that I often had to put my phone down and walk away rolling my eyes because the cringe factor was too much. But overall I could see how it could be considered appealing.

That of course addresses one of the other reasons I won’t be adding these to my total reading list this year, I don’t want to name all of the e-books I read because a lot of them are embarrassing. So they will remain a secret.

And that’s how I spent the month of April reading smutty e-books.

No regrets.

Kind of.

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