I’m Not Going to Make My 2020 Reading Goal – May Wrap Up

I swear I do love reading.

But you wouldn’t know it judging by these last couple months.

I read all of ONE book in the month of May. Add that to the basically zero books I read in April and I’d say I’m very likely NOT going to be able to make my reading goal for 2020. One bad month might have been something I could make up by just reading more in the following months, but two bad months? I don’t think there’s any coming back from that.

I’m not entirely sure what my problem is. I have so many books I’m actually genuinely excited to read and somehow I just can’t make myself sit down and read any of them. Hopefully this changes soon because I do really miss getting lost in a story.

he one book I did read in May I really loved though. The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert had me hooked by the very first lines. I’m a sucker for anything that revolves around magic, forest and fairy tales so this was kind of right up my alley. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded, and I absolutely loved the characters. There was a certain element of the story near the very end that did feel somewhat rushed but I sort of think it was supposed to be that way. I don’t honestly have any complaints about the story at all. It was so good and I would highly recommend it.

This book was basically an inch thick and added on top of the other books I’ve finished this year it doesn’t even reach 2 feet high yet. Which, considering I’m 5’8″ is a problem.

Total height read so far this year: 1’4″

So I definitely have a lot of reading to catch up in I’m going to make my goal by the end of the year. At my estimation I have about 4’4″ feet to go and half a year to do it in.

It’s not really looking good.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve read the Hazel Wood and what you thought. Or just let me know what you’re reading now or tell me about your latest reading slump.

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