October Reading Wrap-Up

Haven’t done one of these in awhile.

You guys! I read books this month! More than one. And actually finished them! I would love to get all cocky and arrogant right now and say that my months long reading slump is OVER. It has been defeated. I slayed the beast. But for all I know this was just a good month and next month I will be right back to being unable to finish anything. But in the month of October I actually read some books.

I think a couple of the things that made a difference this month were a) my new addiction to Melanie Harlow’s stories, and b) getting over my aversion towards e-books. I’ve always had this kind of *thing* against e-books, which was made worse this year when I tried to challenge myself to read my height in books. You can’t exactly measure the height of an e-book so I decided they weren’t an option, despite the fact that they can be quite a bit more convenient than carting around books all the time. But then I downloaded one of Ms. Harlow’s books to my phone. And then another. And another. I’m on my 4th now. And once I was reading those it just made sense to actually pick up some actual books as well.

Here’s what I ended up reading (and finishing!) in the month of October:


Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow

I mostly loved this one, the characters were fun and I liked how their relationship unfolded. But I wasn’t crazy about how it ended/how things were resolved (I seem to have an issue with endings lately…) *SPOILER* it shouldn’t have been the child’s responsibility to get the adults back together and I just personally found that kind of off-putting. (Also the “little girl” role play during sex thing just makes me gag. Whatever two – or more! – consenting adults want to do is obviously up to them but it’s just not my thing, personally.)

But overall I really enjoyed most of this story. It was really cool reading a book like this that featured two divorced people (her because her ex cheated, him because his marriage couldn’t handle their struggle with infertility) with life experience and baggage instead of your typical Experienced Man Who Can’t Love and Innocent Virgin Who Tames Him kind of dynamic that A LOT of these stories seem to go with. Plus I just really love all the side characters that exist in this world.

Where to buy: Kindle | Audiobook |Paperback (Amazon) | Indie Bound

Undeniable by Melanie Harlow

I specifically picked this one because it said “Enemies to Lovers” and I’m kind of a sucker for that so I figured I’d give it a shot. I have mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed it but some of it was slightly predictable – I knew exactly what the final “big obstacle” was going to be very early on – which isn’t exactly uncommon for this type of genre but I got the feeling that it was supposed to be a big reveal and that just didn’t happen. The main couple in this story has known each other their whole life and the story is told mixing the present day events with flashback chapters sharing their history, which I love, but I didn’t exactly connect with the current day events for some reason. I don’t really know why. Maybe I was bored with what was happening, or the way it unfolded or something. I”m not sure. The flashbacks were way more interesting. I do have to say however, this was my favourite couple so far out of the 3 Melanie Harlow books I’ve read.

Where to buy: Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback (Amazon) | Indie Bound

Physical Books

Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

Read my full review of this book HERE.

If a book title has the word forest or star in it, I’m probably going to buy it, and that’s very likely how this book came to be in my possession. But oh my goodness this story. I loved it so much. I think this book really helped me get over my inability to finish books lately as well because I just had to know how it ended, while also being very nervous of what the ending might entail.

Where to buy: Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback (Amazon) | Indie Bound

Lisa Jewell Invisible Girl Blog Post Book Review Reading Wrap Up

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

This was another good read that kept me captivated because I was so curious to know how it was going to be resolved. I had started writing a full review for this one as well but I don’t think I got around to finishing or posting it so I’ll just summarize a few thoughts I had while reading:

I love a story full of unlikable characters, and this definitely has that. I really enjoy how this book jumped all over the place with regards to timeline. It was a bit confusing at some points but not unreadable, and I like how stories structured this way make you doubt everything that you think you know about what’s happening and the characters involved. Some of the topics that were introduced were pretty uncomfortable. The ending didn’t really work for me, but it’s hard to explain why without spoiling anything. It just felt like it was wrapped up oddly and suddenly introduced something that hadn’t previously been connected to the current day events of the story.

But overall, it was pretty good. Not my favourite book I’ve ever read but it kept me interested the entire time.

Where to buy: Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback (Amazon) | Indie Bound

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Read my full review of this book HERE.

It’s kind of funny, when I’m writing a book review I usually hop on over to GoodReads and check out the reviews on there. Not because I’m trying to sway my own opinion or anything but just because I like to see a) if others feel the same as I did about it, and b) if there is anything really interesting I missed, that might slightly change the way I look at the story.

A lot of the reviews I saw there did NOT like this one. But I enjoyed it quite a bit. I mentioned in my review that I linked above that I really liked the style this story is told in and the way it unfolds but a lot of the other reviews I read complained that it was too confusing and they had to think too much to follow along. Personally I don’t see how that’s a bad thing but to each their own.

Where to buy: Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback (Amazon) | Indie Bound

So that wraps up my October reading progress. I think to go from not being able to finish ANY books to all of a sudden finishing 5 is pretty amusing. I hope this wasn’t just a fluke and that I will continue reading a lot throughout this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Leave me a comment, let me know what you read in October and what you’re planning to read in November. Have you read any of the books that I listed above?

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