Hello 2021 – Reading Goals? Blogging Goals? Writing Goals???

Hey here book lovers! ❤️

Last year I tried to give myself a reading goal of reading my height in books throught the year. That…didn’t really go so well. A combination of a months long reading slump, combined with the fact that what got me out of said slump was a new addiction to reading e-books (which I have come to accept are “real” books BUT, are not exactly measurable…height-wise) meant that this particular goal was not exactly going to be attainable for me. Add in all the many new projects I started last year, like trying to finish writing a book, starting multiple new business endeavors, taking on a ridiculous amount of new hobbies and projects, etc, etc, I still managed to read a decent amount but even if I were to take those e-books, find books of a similar length and measure them as stand in books and calculate whatever that total would be, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even come close. And I don’t think I read anywhere near what I usually read in a year’s time.

This year I’m aiming for simpler goals, and I’m hoping to change the way I approach them.

To a certain extent, I’m kind of a “Don’t tell people your plans” kind of person. I prefer to announce something after it’s done, but in the spirit of trying to hold myself accountable, I’m going to share some of my goals for this year.

Reading Goals

Goal # 1 – Read 1 nonfiction book a month.

Blog posts I discovered and loved last year made me realize I don’t read nonfiction enough, and that is a shame. In 2021 I want to correct this by trying to read at least one nonfiction book every month. There are a multitude of different options on my shelves, as I seem to buy a lot of them I just don’t read them for whatever reason. So if I post a monthly reading wrap up and it does not include a nonfiction book, feel free to shame me. ❤️

Goal # 2 – Read 2 fiction books a month.

I’m anticipating/hoping that I will be able to surpass this most months but in the spirit of being kinder to myself and avoiding the pressure that I suspect made me shut down a bit last year, I’m going to just set the goal at 2 and see how it goes. I read a blog post recently from the lovely Kira Jeanette where she went over her own goals for 2021, but the thing that really caught my attention is that she mentioned changing her reading goals throughout the year, which absolutely blew my mind. I had been approaching reading goals as an all-or-nothing kind of thing: either I make it or I fail, and the idea of changing your goal sounds amazing, so I think that’s what I’m going to try this year. I tentatively set my Goodreads goal at 24 as well and I definitely intend to change that also if I need to.

Blogging/Social Media Goals

Goal # 3 – Post at least one blog post a week.

Again, ideally more, but considering I have had issues with being consistent enough in the past I’m hoping to try to focus a little more on that. Basically my initial goal is just to break the habit of sometimes going weeks without posting anything at all. If I had enough inspiration I would post every day and you all would get so sick of me I’m sure.

Eventually as the year goes on I’ll try to establish a blogging schedule but let’s just take this slow, shall we? 😉

I do have somewhat of a tentative blogging schedule in my head, divided between this blog and the mom blog I have but we’ll see if it’s something I end up actually implementing.

Goal # 4 – Put in more effort with various reader social media.

I barely remember to use my Goodreads account OR my Instagram and that’s kind of terrible. In 2021 I’m going to try to use both more often. You can help me out with the goal, and add me as a friend if you’re on either platform, using the links above, or just leave me your username in a comment and I’ll add you. This is a bit of a vague goal, which I try to avoid because specific goals tend to be a lot more attainable, but I plan to adjust it later.

Writing Goals

Goal # 5 – Finish a freaking story!

It was awhile ago that I announced I was going to try to write a book, and I’ve made really good progress except for the fact that I got hit with a huge burst of inspiration and started working on no less than NINE different stories. This is not technically a problem and in no way am I complaining about it but it has made finishing any stories a bit difficult, which was supposed to be the whole point in the first place! Over the next few months, at least, I’m going to try to focus and actually finish at least one of these stories so I can then decide if I want to do anything with it.

So, those are my goals so far for this year, or at least the first few months of it.

Drop me a comment and let me know what your goals are for the year, if you made any. Also, did you set any goals last year that you ended up crushing? Let me know so I can celebrate your wins! ❤️

Stay safe, and happy reading!


  1. I’m so glad you took that away from my post! You never know what is going to happen during the year, so give yourself some slack with the reading goal. Change it however you need to – whether it is to lower it so you stop beating yourself up or increase it so you have another goal to achieve! Best of luck with all of your goals in 2021🥰

    • I honestly can’t even properly explain how excited that one little tip made me, honestly. It’s such a great idea and I think it’s going to really change how I feel about my progress this year, so thank you for mentioning it in your blog post in the first place 🙂

  2. Good luck with your writing. I’ve decided to set myself more realistic goals as well this year. I’m aiming to read 100 books this year, I just about managed to reach my goal of 160 books last year but it was on the very last day of 2020 that I completed it.

    • That’s awesome! Good for you! I dream of being able to read that many books in a year but haven’t figured out a way to actually make myself able to achieve it yet. Maybe someday. 🙂

  3. Good luck with all your goals, they all sound like great ones! Engaging more on my social medias is high up on my goal list this year too! Good luck, hope this year is full of great reads for you (fiction and non-ficiton wise!) 💜

  4. Good luck with all those goals! I’m sure you’ll do amazing! I definitely relate to never using social media 😁 But I don’t actually care too much about that, so I doubt that’s gonna change any time soon…
    However, I do want to read more non-British classics this year! So hopefully, I’ll find some that I really love 😊

  5. I think you have fabulous goals, and it is super helpful sometimes to scale them back and choose something obtainable. It’s a lesson I’ve tried to teach myself this year. One of my purposes for even starting my blog was to keep myself disciplined on reaching my reading goals. Best of luck in 2021!

    • Thank you! I definitely agree, it sometimes works out better in the long run if you aim a little lower. Plus this way I can feel really good about myself if I surpass my goal. 😉

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