Original Short Story: The Girl Made Of Clouds

This is different than what I usually post here and if I’m being honest, I’m very uncomfortable to be posting it. But that’s one of the main reasons I am choosing to, because I need to teach myself to get over that uncomfortable feeling and share some of the things I write that aren’t blog posts.

This is a piece of a short story that popped into my head a few weeks ago. It’s a rough draft at this point and by no means perfect, but I enjoyed the idea so I wrote it down. There are several other short stories like this that I’ve written in the days since, each of them very loosely tied together as if they’re meant to possibly be something some day. But at this point I don’t know what that thing is. So for now, this story will just exist here as a blog post.

The Girl Made Of Clouds

Once there was a boy. A regular boy, ordinary in every way even though he surely didn’t like to think of himself that way. But how we like to think of ourselves and how we actually are doesn’t always match, and this boy was no exception.

One ordinary day, this ordinary boy was going about his ordinary life, doing whatever it is that boys his age do when he happened to glance in the direction of some slight movement he saw out of the corner of his eye, and his gaze locked on a girl.

Photo by Ithalu Dominguez from Pexels

Instantly he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was delicate and graceful, with soft white curls trailing down her back and the palest skin he had ever seen that almost seemed to glow. She nearly looked transparent if he stared too long, and he found himself shaking his head trying to clear that thought away. 

She wore a dress that also appeared white, or it had when he first laid eyes on her that is, as he continued to look at her he realized the dress was a very pale shade of pink but then just as he settled on that, it shifted again to a soft yellow. As he watched her, he felt that rather than walking, she floated. He knew this girl was special. 

He fell in love with her instantly, and more than anything he wanted her all to himself.

He tried to woo her with pretty words and with promises a boy so young had no business making, but the girl just smiled sweetly and danced away.  

No matter what the boy did, the more he tried to pull her close and hold her tight, the more she drifted away. 

This made him angry, and he decided the solution was to capture her. Then she would belong to him, and him alone. So he put the girl in a cage, but she just slipped through the bars.

Eventually, he trapped her in a jar, screwing the lid on tight so she would never be able to leave him. He was proud of himself for a time and put her on a shelf so he could gaze upon his beautiful treasure whenever he wanted.

Before long, the boy grew bored of her. She was far less beautiful in the jar and no longer delighted him the way she had before. The glow she had once possessed was gone. He found he hardly bothered to look at her anymore and over time he forgot she existed at all. 

Sometime later, it’s unclear how much time exactly, the boy came across the jar while searching for some item or other on his shelf.

Initially perplexed by the contents, as now they were obstructed by a film of what appeared to be condensation inside the jar, the boy nearly tossed it right into the trash.

But an inkling of memory tugged at his mind. And slowly an echo of the girl took shape in his thoughts. He recalled she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

Eagerly, the boy unscrewed the lid, desperate to see the beautiful girl once more.

But beyond the condensation covering the glass, the jar was empty.

The boy’s disappointment was strong. He thought that perhaps he had not closed the jar as tight as he should have and she had escaped. 

Or maybe he had only imagined her, and she had never really existed at all.

The more he considered this possibility, the more he thought it must be true. The girl in his mind was far too beautiful to have been real, surely she was a creation of his own imagination.

Satisfied with this explanation, the boy returned the empty jar to his shelf, and once again he forgot all about the girl.

Some time passed, as time tends to do, and the boy went on to become a young man. 

One day the man was travelling from work to home, on public transportation as he did every day because he liked to think himself practical and humble, and something caught his attention. He turned his gaze towards some slight movement off to his left and his eyes landed on a woman. A woman unlike any woman he had seen before. She had long voluminous hair as blue-black as the darkest night and eyes to match, but something wild and frightening flashed in them. As he stared he was sure he saw sparks of a brighter blue as well as purple and even white in the darkness of her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. 

He wanted to keep her all for himself.

Photo by Ayu Shakya from Pexels

Do you ever write short stories? Or any stories? Do you publish them anywhere? Leave me a comment with a link to where I can find them, if you do!


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