February 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Oh well would ya look at that? Another month done. Are we already just breezing through 2021 or something? It certainly feels like it, although that could just be because I’m getting older. On the subject of getting older, it’s my birth month this month! Actually, my birthday was on the 5th. So, y’know. Cake. Also, as a birthday present to me can we please just ignore the fact that this monthly wrap up is coming at you nearly 1/3 of the way through the month? I had it written and ready to go much earlier, I just…got distracted.

Anyways! My reading progress in February was…eh, alright. I only finished actual physical books, no e-books, and unfortunately also no Nonfiction books. I almost considered lying and saying I did finish one of the NF books I came close to finishing but then I very quickly came to my senses and realized I’m really only cheating myself in that situation so WHY EVEN CONSIDER IT?? (shame, most likely.) Ultimately, I chose honestly.

I was really busy in February with various Fiverr beta reading jobs I had, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t reading at all, my time was just occupied with reading for work. And since the majority of those aren’t published stories yet, it’s kind of impossible add them to my list here.

Another thing that made me finish less books than I might have otherwise was the release of A Court of Silver Flames, which is kind of massive and took forever to get through. I’ll likely write a review of that pretty soon, and I’ll probably post a HUGELY SPOILER FILLED more discussion/analysis type review over on Goodreads as well. So if you’ve read it and are interested in reading any of my thoughts on it, then look out for that.

But, before I go off on another tangent, lets get on with the monthly wrap up!

Physical Books

Cradle and All by James Patterson

Click HERE to purchase!

This had been sitting on my shelf for awhile I think, and I hadn’t gotten around to it just yet so I figured I’d finally read it. I…can’t say that I liked it. Like, at all. The premise sounded interesting but the execution was horrible. Every single aspect of it was flat and a lot of it made no sense, with unearned twists and “gotcha!” moments that were just ridiculous, embarrassing, and clearly there for shock value. Just a really unpleasant reading experience.

You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Click HERE to purchase!

I purchased this one specifically because I had recently read another book by these two authors that I did not like, and so when this one caught my eye I thought I might as well give this writing duo another shot to see if perhaps it was just that specific book (which, I sort of suspected was the case given the reasons I disliked that one, which you can read all about in my review) that I didn’t like, or if it was their writing in general.

I’m happy to report I did like this one quite a bit more, even though it obviously did have it’s flaws as well. It was an interesting story with some pretty unexpected twists, and I had fun with it.

A Court Of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Mass

Click HERE to purchase!

I’d been waiting for this for quite awhile now, like everyone it seemed, and I had sort of planned on holding off on purchasing it but then ultimately decided that Instagram was likely to be full of spoilers and I didn’t want to risk it.

I will be totally up front and say I do not LOVE this series. I enjoy it, and a big part of the fondness I have for the series as a whole rests entirely on certain characters. But it also irritates me in a variety of ways and this installment of the series was no exception. I will note that a lot of the things that had bothered me in the past have greatly improved this time around, but there are still several extremely problematic elements, eye-roll inducing additions, and subject matter not handled quite as sensitively it should be. That said, if you loved the previous books you’ll probably love this one.

Ok that’s it for me this month, now I want to know what you finished reading in February! Leave me a comment and let me know.

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