Personal Post -Where Have I Been?

Hey there book lovers!

You may have noticed, I kind of disappeared from this blog for a bit. It wasn’t exactly intentional (or I would have announced it beforehand) and I did have plans to get on here and try to, at the very least, post my March Reading Wrap Up and maybe an April Upcoming Book Release List but obviously neither of those happened. So now I’m making this post to explain why I disappeared and why I haven’t written anything in a bit.

The main reason I haven’t been posting is due to lack of motivation and energy. I know, I know, how much energy do you need to write a blog post? Well, more than I’ve had lately. And the reason for that is because:

I’m pregnant!

Yep, we found out around Valentines Day and I have been feeling pretty rough ever since. I’m not going to write in great detail about the whole experience because I’ll likely tackle all of that over on my mom blog (which I have also been slacking on because: I’m so lazy/tired!) but I will say this first trimester of pregnancy has been pretty brutal both when it comes to exhaustion and the dreaded “morning” sickness. I’ve basically been feeling horribly nauseous all day, every day, and as you can probably guess it makes getting things done a little bit difficult.

To make things even more exciting, at my first ultrasound we also learned that there isn’t just one baby in there but TWO, which could definitely explain why I’m feeling so much sicker and more tired than I did the last time I was pregnant (13 long years ago.)

So that is where I’ve been and why I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately. I’m hoping my energy levels will improve now that I’m in the second trimester and I can resume posting on a more regular basis.

I’ll still get around to posting my March Wrap Up sometime soon, even though it’s nearly the end of April now. I haven’t really finished reading anything in April anyways, so that kind of works.

I hope if you are reading this, then you are doing well. Please stay safe, and happy reading! โค


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