March 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Hello book lovers!

Welcome to my (very late!) March Reading Wrap Up. As I explained in my previous post, this wrap up is very late mostly because of my absurd levels of first trimester of pregnancy induced exhaustion and subsequent laziness. I pretty much spent all of March and most of April laying on the couch either struggling to stay awake or fighting back nausea. Productivity took a nose-dive.

But you know what they say, better late than never. And since I really don’t have an April Wrap Up at all (don’t ask…) I might as well just get this posted now.

So, no more rambling from me, on to the books!

The Books

You're Not Special and That's Ok Nicolette Fuller Book Cover

You’re Not Special, And That’s Ok by Nicolette Fuller

(Full disclosure, the author is a longtime friend of mine, however I’m still going to be honest with my opinion as always.)

This was a very short, very fast read, and it was a lot of fun. I’ll be completely honest, had it not been written by a friend of mine I likely wouldn’t have picked it up only because the subject matter doesn’t particularly spark my interest at all—I’m so very aware of not being special and I’m already okay with it!—but I’m glad that I read it. I laughed out loud and learned a few things about someone I’ve known for many, many years (which would feel invasive perhaps if not for the fact that she literally wrote about it so I think that makes it okay!) More importantly, I think it’s really powerful when people put this kind of raw, soul bearing work out into the world. I can see how this book, and Nicolette’s choice to be vulnerable in a fun and humorous way, could be incredibly comforting for anyone who is struggling to accept that they might not ever achieve anything truly “special” in life, and it might just help remind them that it really is okay.

Call Me Crazy Melanie Harlow Bellamy Creek Series Book Cover

Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow

The latest in Melanie Harlow’s Bellamy Creek series, and…if I’m being honest my least favourite of all (3) of them so far.

I can’t really pinpoint exactly what I didn’t love about this one, but it just didn’t capture my heart as much as the previous 2. The first Bellamy Creek book is what actually got me hooked on Melanie Harlow’s writing style, and the second one is probably my favourite of all her books I’ve read so far. Call Me Crazy just didn’t do it for me. I’m not a huge fan of the “Let’s pretend we’re in a relationship, oh oops we actually fell in love!” trope that much anyways and certain aspects of how this story unfolded just didn’t interest me. I also didn’t think the sex scenes were as hot as many of the ones in her other books. It was still an enjoyable story, I just didn’t fall in love with it.

After We Fall Melanie Harlow Book Cover

After We Fall by Melanie Harlow

I actually started reading this one in the beginning of the month, got bored and put it aside, then came back to finish it by the end of the month so I could make room in my kindle app for new books.

I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for this story, does it? But I will say I grew to like it a lot by the end. The beginning just didn’t hook me, probably mostly because I don’t personally care for the whole “Spoiled rich girl” thing very much (apparently there’s a ton of things I don’t like, I am a very picky reader!) so it took me a bit to get into the story because I just wasn’t really connecting with the main character at all.

As the story continued however, I started to really like it and I’m glad I decided to power through and not give up on it.

Okay, that’s it for me this month, now I want to know what you finished reading in the last couple months! Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do some more reading over the next few months. Obviously come October (when the twins are due!) I’ll probably not have much time for books for quite awhile so I gotta get as much reading done while I can! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve read recently, and what you recommend!

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  1. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon! First trimesters can be nightmares. In the meantime I hope you have some great reads while you’re enjoying a good reason to be lazy!

    • Thank you so much! You’re so sweet. Some days I feel great, other days I feel terrible. haha. Such a short length of time in the grand scheme of things so I’m just enjoying it when I can, relaxing when I need to. 🙂

  2. Wow, twins, congratulations! And these look really good.. I’m definitely going to have to check out ‘You’re Not Special, And That’s Okay’. Have you read ‘Wallbanger’ by Alice Clayton? It’s pretty hilarious.
    Great post and thank you so much for sharing!

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