Over 100 Book Blog Topic Ideas

(Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels)

Hey there Book Lovers!

This is actually a pretty funny topic for me to try to tackle writing about because it’s something I struggle with, big time. I have a hard time coming up with blog topics sometimes, and then even when I have a topic in mind that I’m really excited to write about, I sometimes struggle to turn that into an actual blog post. (You should see my drafts, it’s a graveyeard of unfinished blog posts.) So I thought it might be a good activity for me to try to come up with list of blog post ideas. From the practical to the completely absurd, I’m going to try to pull every possible idea out of my head and dump it into this blog post. A lot of these ideas could be translated to Instagram or Youtube videos as well, if either of those are more your preferred medium. The final blog product will hopefully be helpful to other bloggers struggling to think of what to write about, as well as be something I can look back on when I’m stuck. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing some of these popping up on this blog over the next few months!

Wish me luck, this is very likely to get weird. (As a side note, I titled the blog post Over 100 Ideas[…] before even starting the list so I really put the pressure on myself to deliver here, without being sure I had nearly that much material to work with. So if I make it, someone have a drink for me to celebrate Okay? – if you’re legally old enough to, and not abstaining of course!)

Blog Post Topics

In no particular order. Sorry about that. Also, some may repeat or be very similar to other suggestions. I’m doing my best here ok? 😉

  • Book reviews
  • Book Lists
    • Covers with the same colour.
    • Books that share a common topic or theme.
    • Books with similar cover design or elements.
    • Book titles that start with the same letter.
    • Books that sound like they should be part of a series but aren’t.
    • Books you expected to love but hated.
    • Books you expected to hate but loved.
    • Over-hyped books.
    • Problematic books (if you’re comfortable diving into that area.)
    • Upcoming releases.
    • Books you started reading but never finished.
    • Childhood books you remember loving.
    • Books you’ve read more than once.
    • Nonfiction books you love.
    • Books that do NOT match their cover art.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Monthly reading wrap ups.
  • Post your reading or writing playlist (Click here to read my post about what I like to use to create mine!)
  • Create a pretend soundtrack for your favourite book.
  • Bookshelf Tours.
  • Bookstore hauls.
  • Library Hauls.
  • Your own creative writing.
  • Author spotlight:
    • Interview an author (if you can.)
    • List various book you own or enjoy from a particular author.
    • Create a blog post featuring an up and coming indie author.
  • TBR List.
  • Feature another blogger or Instagrammer you like.
  • Book tags (at least some tags will very likely repeat some of the things on this list, especially some of the list based ones.)
  • Pets and books:
    • Pictures of your pets with your favourite books.
    • Pictures of books that are the same colour as your pets.
    • Pictures of book that feature an animal that resembles your pet.
    • Book titles that include your pet’s name, or a word that is similar.
  • Create or find recipes based on food in a certain book or based on a particular book world.
  • Cosplayer feature – find cosplayers who have dressed up as characters from a particular book and feature them, plus link to their work.
  • On the cosplay subject, why not try making a costume or an outfit inspired by your favourite book or character? Doesn’t have to be exact, but just capture the feel of the character or world of your choice.
  • Create a mood board for a book or character you love.
  • In homage to my failed Read My Height Challenge, guess how many books you’d need to stack to reach your height. Then stack them and see if you were right. Then like…stand next to them I guess. I don’t know.
  • Build something out of books. Maybe a table or a chair. Maybe a fort if you’ve really got a lot of books. …maybe a bookshelf out of books. Okay maybe that’s just a stack of books. I warned you it might get weird.
  • Art inspired by a book you love (if not your art please credit the artist.)
  • Tell your readers how you fell in love with reading.
  • Discuss your opinion on various This or That bookish topics.
    • Physical books or e-books?
    • E-books or audio-books?
    • Paperback or hardcover?
    • Bookstore or library?
  • List and discuss your favourite and least favourite tropes.
  • Tell us your favourite character names and why you like them so much.
  • On the flip side , tell us your least favourite character names and why you dislike them?
  • Bookish gift ideas, especially around the holidays!
  • Speaking of holidays, is there a holiday celebrated in a book or series that you wish was celebrated in the “real” world?
  • Bookish and Reading memes.
  • Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. Your table seats 6. Which 5 fictional characters (assuming you wish to be present at your own dinner) would you invite and what might the conversation look like? (Use as many details as you like from how the table is set to what you serve, even what the dress code may be and what each guest ends up wearing.)
  • Rewrite a scene or a conversation from a book, the way you wish it had gone.
  • Speaking of rewriting, let’s talk fan fiction!
    • if you write it, post some!
    • if you read it, tell us who some of your favourite FF authors are and link to their stories.
  • Discuss your favourite or least favourite book to movie (or TV show) adaptation.
  • Dream cast the movie version of your favourite book.
  • Share your most controversial unpopular opinion on anything book themed (if you feel comfortable putting it out there of course.)
  • Revisit old blog posts and see if/how your opinions have changed.
  • Book quotes, writing quotes, random quotes from your favourite authors.
  • Start a book club and then include posts abut your book club progress, from recaps of your meetings to how you go about choosing each new book or detail each club member’s general opinion of whatever book you’re currently reading or just finished (this one is multiple blog posts in one soooo…you’re welcome?)
  • You know how (some) books include discussion questions at the end? Answer them! (being cautious of spoilers of course.)
  • Compare two or more books that have similar subject matter or themes and discuss which you feel did a better job, or which one you simply enjoyed more.
  • Make a list of blog post ideas!
  • Ships. Which characters do you ship together? Bonus points (there are no real points) if you choose characters from different stories!
  • Create your own new book tag.
  • Start a reading challenge.
  • Share your bookish collections. Lemme see those candles and bookmarks and blankets and all that jazz!
  • Which book(s) do you wish you could read again for the first time?
  • Have you ever re-read an old favourite only to find it was actually terrible? Tell us about it.
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark? (I don’t know how you’ll stretch this into an entire blog post, but I have faith in you.)
  • Do you have any book related Pinterest boards to share? Show us!
  • I’m running out of ideas. retell a popular story from a dog’s perspective. I don’t know.
  • Imagine what your favourite book character’s Starbucks order might be.
  • What character in a book could you swap with a different character from another story, and it wouldn’t really make the story much different at all?
  • Cover reveals.
  • Come up with some kind of contest or giveaway.
  • Reading advice. How to read faster for example, if you have or can find any great tips.
  • Describe your dream reading nook. Go wild if you wish. Mine’s in a hot air balloon! I’m just kidding, it’s not. At all.
  • Recall books you may have read in school. Did you end up enjoying any of them? Were any particularly difficult to get through?
  • What do you think is the ideal book length? Explain why you prefer longer or shorter books.
  • Feature a guest post.
  • What was the most inspirational book you’ve ever read?
  • Some books just require being read in a specific setting (on the beach, by the fireplace, etc.) can you think of any titles that just demand a certain setting for maximum reading enjoyment?
  • What’s the worst book you’ve ever read from your favourite author?
  • If the ending of a book is spoiled for you, will you read it anyways?
  • What are your favourite Bookstagram props (if any) and where do you get them from? Or if you’re not really type to create and post stylized Bookstagram posts, what are some props you see others using that you really like?
  • If you could have a working replica of any one item from a fictional world, what would you pick?
  • Is anyone still reading this far or even keeping count? I should have numbered this list. Blog post idea: What would a candle based on your favourite book smell like? (try not to cheat and look up any scents used by the various different bookish candle companies!)
  • Do you have a “comfort read” (as in, a book you come back to again and again because of how it makes you feel.)
  • What is one book you enjoyed but have no desire to ever read again?
  • What is your favourite genre and WHY?
  • What are some of your favourite hybrid genres?
  • Slow burn romance or love at first meet? Or something else entirely?
  • Write about book blogging in general. What made you start? How are you enjoying it? What are your biggest blogging struggles and triumphs?
  • Shamelessly promote something you do or love that isn’t book related!
  • Which fictional character does your own personal style match the most? Or who would you dress like if money was no object?
  • What is a local (if you’re comfortable divulging any details about your location of course) spot that you think would make a fantastic setting for a book? You can even just describe it in vague terms if that’s more comfortable.
  • Who is your absolute least favourite book couple you’ve ever read? More bonus points (again, that don’t even exist) if your choice is a couple otherwise universally adored.
  • Tell me all the things in fiction that you absolutely cannot stand.
  • Share an interesting book fact or some kind of reading knowledge you’ve learned recently.
  • Picture based posts that feature something book related. Beautiful libraries, book stores, reading nooks, etc.

Ok. I think that’s 100. Hopefully more than 100, or my title is a lie. But I don’t think I have any more in me. My brain is tired. It’s so much easier to just write down my random thoughts, why did I do this?

I’m being over dramatic of course. That was definitely a lot more difficult than I expected, but I think it was a good exercise. Some of my ideas are probably ridiculous, but that’s half the fun sometimes.

If you use any of the ideas on this list to inspire your next blog post, let me know so I can come check it out.

Happy Reading! And Blogging! 🤍


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