Where Do You Like To Read? – The Art of Creating Your Perfect Book Nook

What does your most common go-to reading spot look like? Now what does your fantasy reading spot look like? Having a cozy spot to read – a reading nook or a book nook if you like, and have the space – can be a great way to enhance the overall reading experience. Here are some of the things I consider essential elements of a (somewhat practical) book nook:

Photo by Edgar Colomba from Pexels

Essential Elements of a Book Nook

A comfortable place to sit/recline/lay. Whatever your preferred reading position, comfort is key. Sure many book lovers can get lost in a story no matter where they are (who hasn’t read on the bus, or in a waiting room, or on the toilet for example?) but to really create a cozy spot to read, comfort is definitely one of the most important elements. So we’re talking pillows, blankets, some type of soft surface you can settle onto as you let your mind wander off to lands far far away.

Comfortable clothes. Speaking of comfort. If you want to read in whatever you happen to be wearing, even if it’s the same pair of jeans you’ve been wearing all day or your school or work uniform, you do you. Whatever makes you happy. But I’m a strictly comfort kinda gal and that means sweats and pjs whenever possible, especially while reading.

No (or at least minimal) distractions. The worst part about trying to read sometimes is the trying despite distractions part. Whether it’s other people in the room doing various activities, noise coming from one source or another, or tasks that need accomplished that you simply can’t ignore. Finding ways to block out as many of these as possible helps you focus on the words on the page. Ideally finding a place you can be alone works best but when that’s simply not an option, headphones to block out the noise (or even earplugs!) can be a huge help.

Overall ambiance. Not for everyone of course, but some people really enjoy setting the mood when they read. Playing some soft, non distracting music that suits the story perhaps, lighting a candle that reminds them of the story they’re about to enjoy. Maybe setting the lighting just right so you can still see the words but it’s a little more soothing than your typical overhead lights. Whatever simple little extra details help you transport your mind from where you are to where you want to be are the perfect additions for a book nook. I’m a big fan of reading somewhere overlooking some type of nature so that when I have those moments where I need to look up and process what I’ve just read I can do so while staring at trees.

A furry companion. If you have one and they don’t distract you too much. I like burying my toes in my dog’s fur while I read, but sometimes she wants to be pet too much and requires so much attention that I need to banish her so I can focus. But she’s cute so I forgive her. My other dog is content to just sleep next to me so he’s a better reading companion but if I touch his fur he gets mad at me and leaves.

A snack, or a drink, or BOTH. At the very least I’m going to suggest you keep a water bottle nearby because it’s very important to stay hydrated. But having a snack of some type can be nice as well especially if you tend to get really lost in a story only to find your stomach is grumbling because hours have passed and you haven’t eaten yet. Obviously snacks that don’t spill, stain, or require you to use both hands to eat or prepare are the most ideal. I usually cut up fruit or cheese and crackers and keep that nearby so I can grab as I wish.

But What If I Want A Fantasy Book Nook?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Just for fun, what would your dream reading spot look like? If you had no limits, such as money or even the basic constraints of reality, if you could construct anything you’d like. What would it be?

Mine likely seems very boring to many but I’d want it to be in middle of the forest but even though I’m outside I want an entirely impenetrable dome that allows nothing to harm me, and no weather to disturb me. I would want the light source to always be perfect suited for reading even if it’s pitch black surrounding me. But I don’t want this dome to be an actual thing, I just want like…a force field. Or something. Oh and why not while we’re at it let’s add an assortment of baby animals who will all cuddle quietly and calmly, and an endless supply of wine (obviously post-babies) and cheese. And no needing to use the bathroom while I read because taking bathroom breaks is the worst!

I mean, just because most readers have read on the toilet at least a few times in their life, but that doesn’t mean we like it!

Now I want to hear from you! What does your reading spot look like? What does your fantasy reading spot look like? Remember, NO LIMITS. Go wild. It can be in space if you want. Whatever your imagination can conjure up. I want to hear about it.

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