Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded On a Deserted Island

I loved this week’s topic. At first glance I was a little stumped, trying to think of the best way to decide what 10 books I’d want if I were stranded on an island. Which stories would help me pass the time? But then I had a bit of a light bulb moment and…well the blog post below took shape. So, read on for my answers!

(If you aren’t familiar with Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly meme hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week a new theme is posted and bloggers take that theme and write a blog post inspired by it. It’s a lot of fun and a really great way to get some inspiration for what to write. Often the Top Ten Tuesday prompts give me tons of other great ideas for future blog posts, which is really great and I’m very thankful for that.)

I’m going to take…maybe a bit of a weird approach with this one. Instead of listing 10 specific book titles that I’d want with me (though I’ll include some) I’m choosing to look at this prompt in a slightly different way. So without any further rambling from yours truly (in this part of the post at least,) I give you:

Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded On a Deserted Island

  1. A notebook with many pages. Hopefully I also have at least something to write with, but I think a notebook would be handy for many reasons. I could use it to document time passing, tell my story in case I’m found someday no longer alive (morbid, I know, but possible.) I’m sure there would be a lot of things to write down in a situation like this whether it’s thoughts or observations or whatever. So definitely a notebook.
  2. A photo album. What? Technically it’s a BOOK. And I think it would be nice to have photos of loved ones to look at while stuck on an island alone.
  3. A survival book that covers a wide range of topics. Something that covers basic skills for crafting shelters, trapping, plant identification, knot tying, first aid, protecting against elements and things like that. We actually have a lot of books on this subject in our collection somewhere already, but they’re packed away from the recent move so I can’t think of a specific title at the moment, but any book in this genre that would be most helpful, I want that one.
  4. Any of the Fifty Shades of Grey books so I could burn it to start a fire. 😊 haha. Ok ok ok, maybe I’m being a little harsh. (I’m not, they’re terrible.)
  5. The longest book on my TBR. Because it would be nice to have something I haven’t read yet, and the longest book probably means it will hopefully take the longest amount of time to read.
  6. An EVERYTHING-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW manual about a particular topic that interests me. Maybe like…finance or investing, real estate, psychology, anthropology something like that. My logic being, of course, that I have nothing but time on this island so I may as well study and learn for when I inevitably get off of it. Because I will. Despite my earlier morbid comment about dying on said island, I’m far too stubborn to accept that will happen. I’m going home, and I’m going home with KNOWLEDGE, baby!
  7. A sketchbook. I’m no artist (that would be my kiddo) but perhaps inspiration will strike while stuck on this island. Maybe I’ll develop some talent. And I bet even if I don’t, my crappy doodles would probably still sell for a decent amount of money purely because of the fact that they were created while stranded on an island. I feel like art collectors with more money than they know what to do with would love that. Especially if someone makes a movie out of my ordeal. …I’m really overthinking this.
  8. A really BORING book that helps me fall asleep. I can’t think off a good example off the top of my head. But something that would lull me to sleep when my inevitable stranded-on-an-island anxiety threatens to keep me awake. Because I’m sure rest would be something very valuable in that situation, and I tend to be a bit of an insomniac.
  9. A story I love. Possibly the Starless Sea or the Night Circus or Caraval or something like that (although with Caraval I run the risk of finishing and then desperately wanting the next two books, which could get unpleasant…maybe I should go with Legendary or Finale instead…I did like them both better…)
  10. Something I would normally not read the entirety of under other circumstances. Maybe a bible (I’m not religious, no offense if you are) or the dictionary or something like that. One volume of an encyclopedia, perhaps. Again, I’m going off of “I’ve got the time” logic here. Why not learn?

So there is my list for this week. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the approach I took with this prompt. Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices and what might you choose differently? Leave me a link to your TTT if you did it this week, because I love reading how different people chose to approach the same prompt!

Have a great day! Stay safe & healthy! Avoid deserted islands if you can, and happy reading!


  1. You’re smarter than me about choosing books for this topic… the first three books in your list are very smart. I would’ve chosen just fiction to help pass the time. You’ve changed my mind with the first three items. If I could have pens, I’d add another notebook to my list. Then I’d add books that have intimidated me because I think I lack the focus for them right now: “Don Quixote,” “Infinite Jest,” and “Gravity’s Rainbow.”

    • Thanks! I was initially going to go a little more straightforward with it but then it decided to take a slightly different approach. I ended up having a ton of fun with it.

    • Awe thank you so much! I thought it might be a fun way to approach it, so I decided to just go for it. It was nice to think outside the box a little. Can’t wait to read your list!

    • It felt a teeny bit mean but I couldn’t resist 😉
      Thanks for reading. I missed seeing so many comments that were left a while ago apparently. I’ll go check out your TTT now! 🙂

    • I just discovered I had a bunch of comments I never noticed or responded to. Oops. Thank you for reading and commenting! I do agree throwing out books is painful no matter what. I’d probably struggle to do it for real but in an emergency, you never know…
      I’ll go check out your TTT! Cant’ wait to see your list.

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