Hey There Book Lovers!

Hey there, I’m Angela. 30-something. Mom of a teenager with twins on the way. Wife-to-be. Dog mom. Canadian. Book Lover.

Here is my little corner to talk about books.

The ones I’ve read. The ones I’ve loved. The ones I plan to read. And anything else book related that catches my interest.

I’m also an aspiring writer myself and hope to be able to share stories of my own writing experience.

I work as a freelance beta reader, ghost-writer, story consultant and more, you can find me on Fiverr if you’re interested in my services.

Sometimes I write articles about writing, mental health, parenting and more on Medium. You can find all my various social platforms below:


  1. I didn’t realize you were a book blogger! Long time. If you are ever interested in reading some of my books let me know. I have 13 of them out now, ranging from fantasy, dark fiction, dystopian, drama/thriller and paranormal erotica.

    • I’m a TERRIBLE book blogger, I always forget to actually blog, but I try. lol. I would definitely be interested in reading some of your books sometime.

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